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      HCRDI is going to build a smart manufacturing industrial park

      Date:2020-12-10 14:37 Number: Size:[ Big ] [ Middle ] [ Small ]

      HCRDI signed an investment cooperation agreement with local government on the smart high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park on November 26, 2020. 

      HCRDI is planning to invest over 2b yuan ($308m) in the industrial park, which covers an area of 666,670 m2. The industrial park shall be a smart, green and sharing park, integrating advanced production process, smart equipment and information platform. The new smart manufacturing process like smart factory and smart logistics shall upgrade HCRDI’s manufacturing capacity, production scale and management into a new level.
      The project shall be commenced in June 2021 and completed by the end of 2024, taking three years long. After the smart park is built, HCRDI shall further expand its position and influence in the cement industry and lead the development trend of cement manufacturing. The park shall be a milestone in HCRDI’s progress into a continuously innovative and internationally competitive enterprise.  

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