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      Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute joins the WCA

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      The World Cement Association (WCA) has announced the expansion of its international reach, as the Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute in China becomes an associate corporate member.

       The Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute is a leading research institute in China. In 1999, it became part of China’s biggest cement company, the China National Building Material Group Corp.

       We are honoured to become an associate member of the WCA,” said Zhou Yunfeng, Executive Director of the Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute. “We expect to have good cooperation with other members in the WCA family. Over the last 60 years we have been trying our best to serve the needs of the cement plants at home and abroad. And in this process, we have developed strength in cement technology development, in cement equipment manufacturing and supply, and in cement projects engineering, especially renovation and upgradation projects engineering. The challenges that our industry is facing today are enormous. It takes the joint efforts of the entire world cement community to tackle it. Together with all other WCA members, we shall make our share of contribution.”

       We are delighted that Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute is joining our global network,” said Norman Greig, General Secretary of the World Cement Association. “It is important for us to have members in our association that represent different countries, as well as different areas of the cement industry. This allows us to share a broad spectrum of expertise among our membership.”

       The WCA is an independent organisation, working on a global basis to represent and promote the cement industry and its stakeholders.

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