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      CDPK-E Electrostatic Precipitator

      Date:2020-04-21 15:06 Number: Size:[ Big ] [ Middle ] [ Small ]

      HCRDI took the lead in successfully developing the wide width electrostatic precipitator and applying it in dust treatment in cement production in China. In 1996, the company acquired internationally-advanced electrostatic precipitator technology from EE Company USA., the company developed an electrostatic precipitator of Model CDPK-E based on The technology. It has been successfully applied in building materials, metallurgy, power industries etc. The structure is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant design, resistance to deformation caused by high temperature, also with the wide-pitch technology applications. Overall steel framework can prevent the discharge electrode from breaking and falling, bringing better discharge characteristics. Rapper can operate outdoors for all-day, has high dust removal efficiency. Product specifications can meet the requirements of all kinds of cement production lines,
      Case:Emission concentration is lower than 30mg/Nm3.
      Case: Anhui Long Yuan construction 5000t/d cement production line
      Model: CDPK-E270/4/2

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