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      Burning Technology & Equipment

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      HCRDI is one of the earliest research and design institute engaging in research and development of burning processes and equipment. In certain period of time the institute led the trend of development in China in cement burning technology by such projects as the first cyclone pre-heater kiln (Taiyuan), the first shaft pre-heater kiln (Hangzhou), the first pre-calciner kiln production line (Pixian), first 5-stage cyclone pre-heater kiln production line (Hanjiang) and first shaft kiln cement production demonstration project (Chuxian). They marked the institute's contribution to the country's cement burning technology development. The following new processes and new equipment are widely applied in cement industry in China: the institute-developed new type pre-calciner kiln technology, 5-stage cyclone pre-heater, the improved shaft pre-heater, poor quality coal cement clinker burning technology, new type grate cooler, drum and plenary coolers, wet grinding and dry burning technology, multi-channel coal burner, high efficiency dryer, pre-watered granulation technology, new type high efficiency tower grids, deviated fire automation control and etc.
      In the recent years, the institute is following the trend of new development of world's advanced technology. It has made new contributions in large scale development to thermal process technology and equipment. it has developed technology and equipment to meet the technical requirements of 1000t/d ~ 12000t/d clinker production lines.

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