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      Hefei Zhongya Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (belongs to HCRDI) is a member of China National Building Material Group Corporation (CNBM). It is China’s first company to specialize in the research of air pollution control technology and equipments in building materials industry, a managing director of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry, and supervisory company of Chinese Silicate Society. It has a group of experienced, well-trained staff, being engaged in the research of technology and equipments for air pollution treatment, desulphurization and denitration, waste treatment (including comprehensive use of industrial dregs and discarded packaging materials). It owns Class-A qualification of environment protection engineering. It has undertaken many scientific and technological research projects organized by national and provincial governments, and has gained more than 30 technological achievements. The company received National Science and Progress Prize for two projects, State Invention Prize for one project, Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award for twelve projects. It owns Two Patents for Invention and twelve utility model patents. Many products have been listed as national level new products of China. After years of Improvement, it has developed thirty series, several hundred models of bag filters and electrostatic precipitators, eight series of micro computer control devices. It acquired bag filter technology from Fuller Company (U.S.A.), electrostatic precipitator technology from EE Company (U.S.A.), and cooperated with Holland on clean production technology.

      Hefei Zhongya Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a certified company by Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China for environment protection products. Its products have not only been widely used in cement industry but also in iron and steel, power, machinery industries etc. The products have also been exported to more than ten countries.

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